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The Honeymoon Cabin

The “honeymoon” cabin of Olive Watson and William Martin was built March 13, 1919 on the flat in “Martin’s Meadow.”

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The Martin’s “Honeymoon” Cabin at Tamarack Flat

October 27, 1869 the Swan property in Tamarack Flat was sold to Charles Watson a stagecoach driver for the Pioneer Stage Line and co-owner of Strawberry Station. 
Delia Watson granted her quarter section at Tamarack Flat to her daughter Olive on March 13, 1913. Olive had married William Martin of Strawberry and a “honeymoon” cabin was built in the Flat in what they called “Martin’s Meadow.”  Olive deeded the land to her husband, William Martin in 1919.   It was the first of many cabins to come in the area.
During renovation work we found a hand written note inside the bedroom wall that looks like it says “Built by W. Willy July 1919 for $350”, not sure about the last name.



On June 26, 1922 William and Olive Martin sold their Tamarack Park quarter section to William August Dreher.

This must be the Dreher’s and the pre-rebuild cabin.

The Dreher family lived in the Martin’s “honeymoon” cabin north of the highway.  In the early 1930's, the cabin split apart due to a very heavy winter. The Drake Brothers, early builders in the area, were hired to rebuild the cabin. At that time, a new design was added to the front part of the roof. The Drake Bros, shaped water-soaked shakes around half-logs for a rounded eave appearance.

circa 1936- Also the Dreher’s
Post rebuild shingle roof and eves.
Side refrigeration room visible on side off kitchen

During Mr. Dreher's ownership, the cabin remained pretty much the same as when it was rebuilt in the early 30's.
Running water was available and water was heated through coils in the wood stove in the kitchen.  The pipes have suffered some wear & tear over the years.


The stove is rumored to have been salvaged from Swan’s Toll House when it was torn down and moved to Phillips.

Kerosene lanterns provided light even though electrical lines had gone through the area a few years before the sale.

Room heat was supplied by the original Ben Franklin stove. The stove cracked from the cabin cave in, but was still usable. The bathroom contained a claw-footed bathtub and a toilet with an overhead wooden reserve tank.
Refrigeration was available in a very unique and natural way.  A small metal-lined room existed on the west side of the cabin, seen in the 1936 picture above.  A trap door in the roof was left open in the winter and the room would become filled with snow. The trap door was closed in the spring and the snow trapped inside would keep milk products, produce, and meat fresh throughout the summer months. A side opening provided easy access to whatever was stored inside.


Honeymoon Cabin Owners

  • Original owners,: Olive and William Martin.
  • June 26, 1922 William and Olive Martin sold their Tamarack Park quarter section to William August Dreher.
  • William Dreher sold the Martin’s “honeymoon” cabin in 1959 to a Mr. & Mrs. Logan.  Mrs. Logan lived in the cabin until well into her eighties. Dick Logan built the back porch and, presumably, the side covered deck.
  • Mr. Rentfro purchased the cabin from the Logan estate after Mrs. Logan passed away (date unknown). Mr. Rentfro lived in the Mt Ralston area and had been instrumental in establishing the Adventist camp (now Sierra Pines Camp).  Unknown if Mr. Rentfro actually lived in the cabin
  • Leonard & Phyllis Magnani purchased the cabin from Mr. Rentfro in 1991.
  • Current owners: Kathy & Steve Nelson purchased the cabin in 2003.