Updated: 23 February

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Systems Engineering

The Systems Engineer’s task is to bring forth a solution that is "... effective, robust, efficient that will not surprise the users with unexpected behavior for the length of the system's lifetime!".

-Dr. Mike Griffin, NASA Director

Systems Engineering is a full lifecycle set of responsibilities that initiates with clarifying the customers need, such that a set of solutions can be proposed and analyzed, and from this analysis, a specification for the solution defined.

There are a myriad of competing objectives, values, strategies, opinions, techniques, and approaches for achieving the system solution. Each consideration carries with it, associated costs (in money, schedule and system viability) and also, benefits.

The role of the Systems Engineer is to bring order from this chaos, in the realization of the system.
In other words,
fight entropy!

Fighting Entropy!

Fighting Entropy! was written for the practicing Systems Engineer, it is not an academic treatise on esoteric and quantitative aspects of Systems Engineering. Rather it is a pragmatic description of the rationale for Systems Engineering practices and products, and provides techniques and methods to assist fighting entropy, in the technical/programmatic netherworld of the Systems Engineering environment.


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Behavior Analysis

The Tools and Technique.

Steve's SSD Tool
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"Redoing all of this in Steve’s format is rightfully forcing me to think more about the internal processing steps of each component – which has already uncovered a hole in one of my prior scenario diagrams.  So, I kind of like Steve’s format of associating functions with requirements." 

-John Kielty, LM