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Some mine, some others, hopefully useful, or entertaining.
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Behavior Analysis Presentation -SANelson
It seems I use this on every assignment. Describes the methodology for Use Case Elaboration and the use of the Visio SSD tool. The latest incarnation.

SSD tool - SANelson
My homegrown tool for executing Use Case Elaboration. Includes documentation.

The Visio SSD Tool

The Visio SSD Tool

Requirement Cheatsheet - SANelson
A simple 1 pager on requirement writing.

Navy Guide to Specification Writing
Practical and humorous. Probably the best, most thorough, yet approachable writing on requirement and specification writing. Highly recommended!

Collin Powell on Leadership
Terse and to the point. Applicable in any environment.

Thats right! MIL-STD-499B, the grandaddy of Systems Engineering documentation.

Cisco Generic
A set of useful Cisco Visio Icons

Dave's little red book
A bit dated, but still a fun read from a previous round of acquisition reform, when COTS was the rage.

If Architects,...
A fun piece. If Architects had to Work like Engineers working Government Projects